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I’m Coming Back

OK so yeah I have so been slacking on my blog, OMG Ihad a personal tragedy and I have had a busy year OK LOL BUT I fully plan on coming back full force in January!! I will be taking over the blog posts again and sharing my opinion’s whether you like them or not!! Looking forward to sharing my life and love of my own personal Epiphany’s in January!! 526752_10151133958361268_1134096277_nFrom my family to Yours Happy Holidays!!

Done with juicing? Never!

It has been a few weeks since I have sat down to write at my blog, but I have been consumed with work, Facebook, Pinterest, the Gym and eating healthy. Sorry guys lol no really that’s my life.  I made it threw the ten days juicing by the hair of my chiny chin chin. I can honestly tell you I hated every single second of not eating food, BUT I now know why I was so unhealthy. I am a sit on the couch and eat my face off kind of girl. It must have been all of those years I spent “smoking” (the green) and sitting on my ass that lead up to this point of what I call “my kind of obesity”, where you’re not really fat but by golly a few more days of fast food and you will be beyond that.

Juicing made me think of how I eat, the times in witch I do, the kind of food I consume and buy and also what I feed my family. I started looking into all different kinds of resources telling me about how to eat whole foods and how to add healthy foods back into your life and screw the box! the pre-made CRAP that’s out there and killing everyone. Almost all boxed foods or overly processed foods are linked to cancer, so if you know it is going to kill you why do we continue to eat it. Why do corporations continue to make it to kill us? I can tell you two reasons why, you ready? it’s a big one!

 Because we don’t care and they don’t care.

WHOA shocking isn’t it!! I’m sure your laughing but no really it’s the truth. So I have decided to care about myself and my family and stop hurting all of us by what we are putting in our body’s. Now I have chosen to go Vegan for an entire year and see how it affects me and my body and my lifestyle. My husband and daughter will continue to eat meat BUT we are only getting the “Organic” meats from local farmers and everything else in their diet will be Vegan.

This is a personal choice, I have health issues and my doctor wants me to try this and see how it helps me and I must tell you so far I have never felt better in my entire life!! (Health wise) I have energy, I sleep at night (I used to have the worst insomnia) I work out and I’m already chasing after the kids that were chasing me! it’s unbelievable! I owe it all to juicing and changing my diet.

Now you may wonder am I still juicing? HECK YEAH! I will never give the stuff up! I just don’t have it all day long like before, now I have it in between my meals and in the morning before anything else. I have never gotten back into drinking coffee because I don’t feel like I need it any longer. I know crazy hugh, but give up the coffee and see how fierce you’re head aches are and how you feel like you are coming off of heroin and I promise you, you will never drink it again. I’m not sure where all of this is leading me or what my path with food is, all I know is I love food, I love being healthy and now I am on the fast track to getting fit. I owe it all to the “reboot” and personal perseverance. if I can do this ANYONE can. Give it a shot, get healthy. If not for you do it for someone you love. It’s all worth it in the end.