Ok so for those of you that know me or rather my daughter Cambria you know she is OBSESSED with popcorn and her birthday is just around the corner in May. So I was thinking of making this popcorn cake for her. Most mom’s want to buy their kids cakes with their favorite cartoons on them or whatever but Cambria doesn’t even like cake. She gags every time I try to give her a bite. I made her 100 cupcakes for her birthday last year and she took one bite, spit it out and then proceeded to eat half a pizza lol so I figure why not make her what she wants? Popcorn! and in cake form? Thank you very much! I think she will love this!! Give me feedback please 🙂 You can get the whole recipe from Cookie&Cups.com by the way that website has some, Amaaaaazing recipes, I get so much yummy, easy stuff from there.

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