Spool wreath

What you will need: 

1, 5 inch craft mirror 

(as seen “here” at Hobby Lobby)

26 large spools of thread color’s to you’r liking.

(as seen “here“) 

10 to 20 inches of ribbon, thickness, length and color to you’r liking as well. 


Lay the craft mirror on a flat surface face down

hot glue the ribbon together in the center (to its self) and then glue it to the mirror. Let sit for 20 min flip over and continue. 

Starting from the top center of the mirror, start hot gluing each spool of thread (in the middle of the thread spool) and then firmly press to mirror and hold for 15 to 20 seconds. Continue to do so all the way around the mirror. 

Once complete let sit over night. Then tie the ribbon into a pretty bow and hang wherever you like.

Follow picture as guide. 

You may also use old toilet paper rolls if you do not wish to waste thread. Simply double the size of you’r mirror and paint you’r toilet paper rolls to the colors of you’r choice and then follow the directions same as above and there you go! Super funky super fun toilet paper wreath!  

Thank you for the info @ APTDWeller

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