Cute Duct tape purse

Look at this super cute Duct tape purse we got from our friends at Michaels.  Duct tape doesn’t just come in grey and silver anymore, so you can get crazy with colors, even though grey and silver do rock! This project can cost anywhere from $4 to $10 depending on how many rolls of duct tape you buy, and the colors. If you want to save money during the holiday season this is a super simple DIY project that any girl will love and appreciate. You can make it anytime and for any reason, so don’t just save this one for the holiday’s! Every girl should have her own duct tape purse!!  This DIY project will take about an hour. 

DYI Instructions:

Step: 1

Cut an 8-inch x 4-inch rectangle from foam core.

Step: 2

Tear sixteen 12½-inch long strips from each tape color. Fold each strip in half horizontally to make solid strips with no sticky sides exposed.

Step: 3

Weave both colors together using eight strips of each color for each side. The weaving pattern will make an 8-inch x 8-inch grid with extra pieces on top, bottom and sides. Note: To keep weave same on both sides, make basic color the horizontal strip and accent color the vertical on both weaves. For any imperfections on folded pieces, try to keep them all facing same direction, the up side of weave, so they will be covered up and become hidden on inside of purse.

Step: 4

Adjust weave so it’s tight. The top should have ½-inch tabs sticking out from top of weave, bottom should have 4-inch tabs and sides should have 2¼-inch tabs.

Step: 5

Cut four 4-inch tape strips from desired color for inside of purse. Place strips directly over weave, covering side with any imperfections. Repeat for weaving panel.

Step: 6

Place a 4-inch tape strip (same color as inside of purse) over top ½-inch tabs, starting even with edge on front side of weave then fold over and stick down on back of weaving (or inside of purse.) This makes a thicker edge by adding strength and keeping everything lined up. Repeat for other weaving panel.

Step: 7

Place a 6-inch tape strip (same color as inside of purse) over bottom 4-inch tabs, starting even with edge of front side of weave then placing foam core on inside edge. Rub tape on bottom of foam core. Fold extra 1-inch of tape on either side around to top of foam core. Repeat for other weaving panel.

Step: 8

Cut two 4-inch tape strips (inside color) and lay across foam core to cover white in between tape edges. Cut an 8¼-inch tape strip and use to cover any visible white. Continue wrapping around bottom, smoothing as you go.

Step: 9

Cut four 8¼-inch tape strips to wrap around 2¼-inch tabs on sides. There should now be four solid side flaps, two for each side that will come together to make sides of purse.

Step: 10

Cut a 10-inch tape strip (inside color). Starting on inside at top of one side of flaps, smooth tape down. Before reaching end, fold flap in and stick extra 2-inches of tape down to top of foam core or inside of purse. Note: Be careful to keep things smooth and accurate. Repeat for all four-side panels.

Step: 11

Cut two 4-inch tape strips and run one on each side between flaps that are folded in on inside of purse. Make sure gap between the two main flaps is same distance all the way up purse.

Step: 12

Cut a 17½-inch piece of tape, start from bottom of foam core and run strip up middle of side panel to fuse the two side pieces together. Continue wrapping tape over top down inside, being steady and smoothing as you go. End tape on bottom inside of purse. Repeat this step for other side. Note: More tape may be added to sides for added reinforcement as needed.

Step: 13

Use ruler to measure depth for purse handles ½-inch deep. Use marker to make a small mark to ensure even handles.

Step: 14

Coat one side of lower ½-inch portion of handles surrounding hole with glue. Center handles, press down and let cool for a few minutes. Flip over and repeat for other side.

Step: 15

Cut two 9-inch tape strips to run along inside top edge to cover ends of handles. Smooth everything down. More tape can and may need to be added for more reinforcement.

Use photo as a guide and follow manufacturer’s instructions for all products used.
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