After fast

Checking in after my five day food prep challenge. I’m not as happy as I thought I would be with the results. I didn’t weigh myself all week with the expectation of a huge loss but when I got on the scale it said I had only lost 3.8 pounds. Yes that is a HUGE deal in the grand scheme of things but I honestly was expecting more. I however did loose two inches off of my waist and hips and I can seriously tell.


AFTER                                                     BEFORE

I feel so much less bloated then I ever have really. Even when I was teeny tiny I’d still feel “the bloat” but now I don’t at all. My clothes are literally starting to bag on me and fall off. I walked straight out of my shorts last week. Like, literally they just fell off LOL


AFTER                                                                 BEFORE

I have been doing my 30 day workout challenge with my girls every day still (we are on day 6) and so far this week I have done Pilates, yoga, barre legs and strength training.

According to my trainer I will start to put on muscle and it may seem like I stall and loose less. So far I haven’t and that’s why I don’t want to weigh myself as much. I’ll be sad until my “wash” pulls through.

I had an easier time eating my meals during the five day food prep challenge than I thought but I still had quite a few left overs as you can see in the picture below.

I started my egg fast today and I can already tell this is really going to be a hard fast for me.


I made cream cheese crepes for dinner and I was supposed to eat five.

Well I had three before I was so full I wanted to heave. I literally could not put another bite in my mouth. I conquered six eggs today total though and that is the minimum so I am doing pretty great for the first day.

I’m hoping to see a much more significant loss in the next five days.


I am just going to continue to push myself and stay positive. That’s all you really can do when you are on a weight loss journey. I got myself in this position and now it is up to me to pull myself out.





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