Meal Prep Monday


I would typically do a food prep Sunday BUT because I am coming up on my 10 day fasting days tomorrow I decided to make the next five days worth of meals today. I am doing the five day food prep challenge first along with a thirty day work out challenge I am doing with a special group of ladies, followed by my five day egg fast. I most likely wont be making meals ahead of time for the egg fast as eggs typically taste better made fresh πŸ™‚


I hope you will follow my journey over the next 10 days and possibly get some inspiration. I’ll be posting my very first before and after photos and measurements and I am terrified as hell!!


I have never put myself in such a vulnerable position. I tend to keep my private life very private and my body image to myself but clearly I am on a “diet” and changing my WOE because I am ready for a change and ready to be happy with myself again, this all comes with vulnerability.


My biggest fear in all of this really is that I wont be able to eat all of this food. It goes against everything I am learning right now. To be in ketosis and only eat when hungry is the new norm for me so this whole eating a lot is going to be challenging. I can skip meals in the first 5 day round if I want but not on the egg fast. I can also have BPC in the mornings still and I am thrilled about that.

I hope you enjoyed my pictures. This is what I am eating the next five days. If you are interested in eating like this with my send me a message! I’ll invite you to our Facebook group. All of the information on what you will need and what the fast entails is in my previous post from yesterday.

Off I go to fast. Wish me luck!!



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