Addicted To Pinterest

I’m so addicted to Pinterest, as most woman are. Have you seen how all of these woman are making freezer meals and then sticking them in the crock pot while they work or do the daily errands or maybe just don’t want to cook at night, like me (: Anyways so I have been looking into this new fad because I so want to save time and money, BUT the truth is it so does not seem like I am or would be saving money. You have to buy in bulk and also still buy breakfast, lunch and if you have little ones tons and tons and oh! did I say freaking TONS of snacks. I guess What I am asking is how do you ladies buy bulk crock pot stuff and save money. I DO NOT have time to coupon. So spill it already ladies and I want websites!! Here are a couple of the ones I have been reading on how to crock pot it up. Some are yummy and some are ugh kinda ok they just need some pizzazz. 


Self: Prep Once, Eat healthy all week.

Loving My Nest: Freezer crock Pot Cooking Day.

Skinny Taste: How to make your favorite meals freezer ready.

Eight By Five: 30+ Hearty Crock Pot Fall Crock Pot meals

The test kitchen of Melissa Fallis: Freezer cooking-slow cooker meals. 



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