Day Three Juicing (Not Keto approved)

Where do I begin? This has most certainly been a roller coaster of emotions and physical strength the last few days. I have found that I am even more dependent on food than I ever thought! I have to feed my child and the children I work with every day 4-5-6 sometimes 7 times a day with snacks and it takes some serious self control to not just lick the bowl when they are done eating.

My husband and I have been tired, I have had the worst migraines and now I know why, because I LOVE coffee and when you are going threw a reboot well you have to give it up along with everything else. The only part I have looked forward to while juicing is the tea I get to drink before bed. All of the juices taste like crap to me I would say one out of the six we drink a day is stand-able. Day one I couldn’t even type on the computer I was so hungry and so tired and in so much pain I said forget it, they can wait! Day two I had to go to work and in the middle of the day I said screw it and had a half a cup of coffee. Now it’s day three and it’s so weird its like all of the sudden there is a change in me. People said it would happen but I was like, whatever! Yeah OK! but no seriously I have more energy today.

I still hate the juice but I feel my body craving it. It’s like a whole new level of nutrition. I really would have added food for dinner had I known how difficult this process was going to be, but now I see myself in the future at the grocery store making much wiser decisions. I am giving up all meat after my reboot and going back to vegetarian. My husband is not but that’s ok with me, my daughter pretty much already is, she doesn’t like any meat but bologna and Vienna sausages anyways. Maybe she will decide for herself in the future she wants to eat meat, maybe not either way I don’t care. So this has really opened my eyes to the way I look at food and how I view my bathroom, lord knows I have spent a few hours in there already and it has only been 3 days.

No significant weight loss yet. I am learning to drink more water even though I cant stand it! I am thinking of making all of our water aqua fresca style from now on but with no sugar. Just so I can drink as much as I am supposed to because I just don’t like water. I know I am not alone in this. I try so hard I add all of the lemon and the ginger to it like I am supposed to, I drink it hot or cold or however but yuck! I just cant get into it 😦 Another thing I hate about juicing is the mess, UGH it’s every day I have to wash the darn juicer, I peel so many oranges and lemons under my nails burn. Then there is juice all over the counter from cutting them and peeling and then you have to clean all of the pulp from the juicer and clean the juicer and the glasses and on and on and on. It seems like I am always cleaning. Guess it’s like a mini juicer work out.

I may as well get used to it though because I don’t think I will ever take juicing out of my life now that I can feel the benefits. I am not in love with this at all but I’m not regretting it yet so until I feel regret I can keep pushing forward.


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  1. Dawn says:

    Good job Tiph!! Way to stick with it. You are really finding out how much strength and determination you have an that is awesome 🙂 I look forward to reading more of your blog. Oh, I started back at bootcamp on Saturday! I still need to figure out the eating part though.

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