Our Juicer

Ok so we shopped around for awhile and I talked to like 100 juicers, seriously. I found out that it doesn’t matter how much money you spend all juicers pretty much all suck the same. They eventually slow down and they all express juice differently and some of them don’t even express wheat grass at all, you like have to wrap your fruits and veggies around it to get anything out of them?  Whatever what a pain in the ass! So we did some serious investigating until one night we were watching TV and saw a Jack LaLanne infomercial. The juicers worked great! and could express anything! (except of course banana’s and avocados) and they ranged from $35 to $200! Now they work a little differently, as the price goes up so does the speed and size of the juicer.  So we chose the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Express – Black and chrome for $99.

Why did we go for the $99 one and not the $200, because we are going to be using it like crazy and we are new to this, chances are between my husband and I we are going to ruin it and have to buy another one. I’m not kidding 🙂 We found that this one can juice anything and it’s fast and simple. By the way whoa was I wrong about that! So we get our juicer in the mail (pictured above) YAY and the next day I am so excited to give this baby a try, so I decide to make us some apple juice.

Here is what it looks like outside of the box, its already a little intimidating.

So then I cut up some apples, grab some grapes and get to juicing (wash all of them first!) I am putting the juice rite into my daughters sippy cup. You may want to keep your fruits and veggies in the fridge or they wont be cold when you go to drink them, and warm juice to me is just yuck.

Here is what it looks like juicing, liquid gold flowing rite into her cup.

She had it with her breakfast and its a winner!!

I made a mason jar full for the day, for all of us to drink. After Cambria (Our daughter)  drank her’s she pooed twice and said her tummy hurt, so I am going to have to cut her’s with half water and juice. Now that is the downfall to giving your child crap to drink for so long. Their little bodies actually have to get used to the nutrient rich juice they are getting. It makes me sad to think my daughters body is running on CRAP! Even though we buy the non concentrate organic juice for her by the time she drinks it, all of the nutrients are gone and even the organic company’s have to put water and fillers in their juice so it can sit out on the shelf or in the fridge for sometime before being consumed. When you juice you have to juice and drink it that day, because there is nothing added to the juice it wont last very long. Some people juice at night and then drink the juice the next day. I thought well that is just crazy, they need to juice and then drink it. That was until this-

Yeah that is the pulp collector, now You can put a bag in there (left over grocery bag) and it would make it a little easier for clean up or if you plan on using the pulp in recipes. For my blog though I wanted to show you just what you are getting into. Now here it doesn’t look so bad but, look at this-

My goodness what a mess! and you have to take apart the entire machine to wash it, the screen or filter is the hardest part because you have to get everything out of it, while being gentle and it really gets stuck in there, I ended up soaking mine for like 30 minutes. Then when you wash the blade it tears apart your sponge so you will need a brush. Then you have to check the entire machine to make sure that no fruits or veggies are left behind because they will rot and stink up your house and ruin the juicer. So I got to thinking, doing this every single morning for ten days or more will be very frustrating, very! Especially because I am no longer a stay at home mom. I cant imagine getting up and juicing early in the morning then getting ready, getting my child ready and then taking my juicer with me to work. Then what about my husband he is juicing too so what we get another one just for him to take to work too? Not gonna happen. Period. So I did some investigating and found out that if you use mason jars with little to no air left in the jar they will actually keep the juice from “turning” threw out the day. So you can juice all you’r stuff for the next day the evening before and save your sanity. This is how my husband and I plan to begin our journey to “reboot” our lives. I have to show you just how much pulp gets made by the machine though. It unreal to think that this is how much pulp you get in  just 6 apples and 2 cups of  grapes. Now just imagine how much we will have in over 60 fruits and veggies a day. You wanna clean that? Not me!! Especially since the house we are renting doesnt have a dishwasher.

I am no longer as threatened by the juicer as I thought I would be, now I am just worried about actually staying on track and focused on not eating but just drinking our food for ten days and possibly more. We are starting on the 1st of the month and you may wonder why, well it’s because that’s when we get paid and do our shopping, usually on the 1st and 15th. Now we will have to shop every Saturday at the farmer’s market so we can get fresh organic fruits and veggies every week. It is a change and we know this and are somewhat prepared. I have already been asked, what about Easter? Are you planning on missing the big feast? The answer to that is , yes.  Indeed we are and in truth it sucks. What is the rite time to make a change in your life though? Today is the answer to that. You would put it off forever if you wanted to wait until after a holiday or a birthday, wedding, cook out, get together, whatever!! We have got to just do this and quit procrastinating. Like I have said before it isn’t for everyone, but this is our own personal journey and I hope you take something from it, if anything you can just watch us suffer 🙂 LOL Hopefully we don’t suffer to long or to badly. Easter was Jesus’s rebirth, for us it is our “reboot” One more week to go…..


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  1. Alison Redman says:

    what is this sight i want one!!

    1. Its a blog!! Go make one silly! Love u 🙂

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