OMG Cool Stuff I Found

So lately I have just been running across some of the coolest things ever! Instead of breaking them up into a million different groups I am going to just add them all on this one post rite here just for you to enjoy, gawk away. it’s what I love to do!!


First up the pallet baby cot OMG adorable isn’t it!!

You can buy it at CREME ANGLAISE

Then the Candeloo, So much fun for kids, I love that they show them reading in a tent in this picture, because it is exactly what I envision myself doing with this as a child. Also they are rechargeable and come in a set of two!!

You can buy the Cadeloo at Simply Smart Living 

Dino Tails!!

How much fun are these? You just know your son would go nuts for one of these!! I want to get one for my daughter even. This takes pretend play to a whole new level! Every child is obsessed with dinosaurs at one point or another. I just know this would be one of the most beloved gifts.  You can’t buy them but here are free directions on how to make them at Tatertots & Jello

Book play and bed!! Imaginative photographer  Yusuke Suzuki has created a page turner of a bed that looks like an oversized book. At night it is opened up for sleepy heads to sleep in and during the day it is shut closed to create enough space for children to play in their room. By Snoop I want one and need to know where to really find these!!

The coolest garden playhouse ever!!

You can see its large but just small enough for almost any yard! I love the windows too, what a great concept!! It’s made by Garden Homes: Kyoto

Miffy Night lights, Adorable!! Babino Goodies 

T-Rex bed by Incredibeds : How freakin cute is this bed!! Every kid in the world needs an Incredibed, seriously! They have Cats, Dogs, Bears, dragons, You can change the eyes to whatever color you want and add little fun stuff, you use your own mattress and everything is machine washable!! The pricey-est  one is $199, you cant beat that for how much you’r child will love these!! I am seriously rethinking my child’s Dora bed rite now.

Tree leg bolster pillow, LOVE!! found at chicsindesigndotcom on Etsy.

Ice cream cookie sandwich maker, WHAT?!?! Amazing you say?? I KNOW RITE!! I have to get one of these OMG and they are only $29.99 at 

Seriously where can I get one of these, Help!! this is a must! I’m a Jew!! Pita bread toaster by Adi Zaff

Last but not least the wooden iPhone for kids by Kyle Bean, Your kids can still play with all of your apps without deleting everything off of your phone 🙂 My daughter would love this but I already know she would get frustrated when she puts it up to her ear and the “apps” fall out and nobody responds to her. Kids these days, they are just never happy.




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