Tiphany’s Super Simple Baked Beans (Not Keto approved)

My husband ask’s me to make these for pretty much any event, birthdays, cook outs, get together’s, large eating occasions and today for the super bowl. I never have but a scoop left after I make them and when we are home we definitely go home empty handed because everyone has to “make a plate” to go. I have never shared this recipe but not because I don’t want to, because like many things I make it all by sight. No measurements or anything like that. Just by taste and the way it looks. So I measured somewhat for you today lol I say somewhat because I am guesstamating (yes that’s a made up word) I took pictures of EVERYTHING though so really you wont have to guess just make yours look like the picture and it will be just as good as mine 🙂 I hope you love these, trust me everyone you make them for will love them. (Unless they aren’t a bean fan then hey! more for everyone else.)



1 lb ground beef

1 package bacon

1 onion

2 large can’s baked beans (of your choice)

light brown sugar

white vinigar


Yellow mustard

Adobo seasoning (optional)

Take your very large onion and chop it then add the beef and onion together in a skillet

Add your Adobo seasoning (without lemon) I use about a hlaf a tablespoon or just cover the meat and onion lightly .

You will need on full package of bacon cubed

It should look like this cubed

Your meat and onions should look like this when they have fully cooked. Drain it and put it in your slow cooker. (crock pot)

Unless you have an extra large skillet like mine you should do half of the bacon at a time because you want it to get kinda crunchy, you dont want the bacon to be soggy in the beans after they have been cooking for hours.

Your bacon should look about like this when it has finished cooking. Strain the bacon and put it in the slow cooker (crock pot) with the onion  and beef. Don’t toss that bacon grease!!

I chose these as my baked beans and almost always do. I love Onions and I am adding sweeteners to my beans to make up for what these are lacking, now you can use whatever kind you like just remember to cut back on the sugar a bit if you are using say a maple one or something.

Your slow cooker (crock pot) should start to look like this, with your drained beef, strained bacon and two large cans of baked beans.

Add a large handful of light brown sugar. ( 1/4 cup compact)

Add two table spoons white vinegar.

1/4 of a cup Ketchup

Two tablespoons of yellow mustard.

Stir and the is what they will look like, Yummy!! Let them cook on high for two hours or on low for four and eat and enjoy!  Perfect with hot dogs or steaks, or any kind of “cook out” type food really. I really hope you saved your bacon grease that stuff is like liquid gold! I know it’s not healthy but come on now cooking with it every once in a while in a special dish will really make yours and everyone else’s day you are cooking for.  Dont know how to use it? Ok go here and they will give you tons of recipes to use it in. Cooks.com trust me you will not regret it!


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