to Cloth or not to CLoth?


To use cloth diapers or disposable. That is the question in this house. There is absolutely no doubt that cloth will save you money and guilt in the long run cloth will undoubtedly save you money, but for a second time around Mom like me, they are intimidating as all hell! 

With my daughter I used disposables and the convenience is undeniable. That’s why when looking into cloth diapering I searched and searched for something as “similar” as a disposable diaper as possible. I found the new Hybrid’s to be the closest.

The one I have found to like the most (just by looking) so far has been the gDiaper (

ImageBasically you pick the size diaper you want newborn threw large and you choose the size insert you want (you can choose cloth or you can choose disposable inserts.) I of course liked the idea of buying the inserts and then you can toss them, put them in a compost or flush them rite down you’re toilet. However when asking my cloth diapering mommy friends they all pretty much agreed that having to buy new “shells” every time you’re child grows from small, medium to large kind of defeats the purpose of saving money. However for me I found it a deal if you bought in bundles though. You can purchase the newborn bundle for $149.99 and you get 12 newborn g pants, 6 small g pants (fits up to 14 lbs) 80 small disposable inserts and one swish stick. (swish before you flush) Why is that a deal to me? Well for one it’s sweet because I’m not intimidated by all of the washing and AI1 AI2 terms cloth diaper moms throw around or attaching spray nozzles to toilets, and changing laundry detergent  or getting wet bags and crazy laundry baskets. All I have to do is buy some shells, toss or flush and I am saving the planet and my pockets some money. You can sign up for automatic shipping of inserts (160 inserts) for $52 a month. WOW I was spending $55 every two weeks at Costco and still not getting that kind of deal. That is a whole months worth of diapers in one order, but….

The whole point is to NOT spend extra money a month rite? So now it is another mission completely. So I started looking and researching and found that moms will pay anywhere form $5-$30 on one cloth diaper. WHAT?? No way! Now I really need to learn how to sew! What a cash cow!! 

I however am not one of those moms, if I am going to spend that kind of money I will just go with disposables again. So what did I do you ask? I went back to my mommy’s of cloth friends again and asked them what kind they used or liked and I can tell you with all honesty that not a single one of them liked the same damn diaper. So I went to every single webpage of the cloth they each liked and of course they all liked different inserts or AI1 (all in ones) or AI2 (all in twos) or liked them with pockets or without pockets etc. Some were really fancy and some were just plain strange. Some moms really like to do it old school with actual pins. More power to those moms cause my poor kid would most likely end up being a pin cushion.

All of my mom friends had one thing in common though, they were all so helpful! Sending me links and information but the thing is once you start to gather all of the information you start to get a little crazy about cloth diapers. I especially felt sad that I couldn’t afford to buy my soon to be born son $30 a piece cloth diapers. 

Then I had an epiphany after spending day’s online looking at cloth diapers. It didn’t matter what my mom friends used on their kids all that mattered was what I wanted to do for my children. That includes saving money on diapers because I do not want to have to take away any of my daughter activity’s from her just because her father and I are having a baby. She will undoubtedly be pained enough by mommy & daddy’s attention going to the new edition and then her father leaving shortly after the baby’s birth for 6 months. (dang military!) So why make her suffer? 

So I continued my search and have found that by far the cheapest and nicest AI2 (all in two) cloth diaper for me is Alva baby (http://www.alvababy.comImage
I actually got to feel and touch them the other day at a consignment sale and I really liked them. The best deal I found on the website is 10 colorful re-usable cloth diapers with 10 pcs three layer bamboo for $61.00 plus shipping. Plus you can pick whatever design you want they do not have to be solids!! So even if they fell apart and I had to buy new ones 6-8 months down the road I am still saving hundreds of dollars by the time our son ends up in training pants. Why the bamboo and not the microfiber? My mommy friends tell me it causes less diaper rash and I like that Idea but if you are ok with microfiber they have a 20 pack with 20 inserts for $84 and that has free shipping. So you really can’t beat that.  Or can you? 

YES! you can! if you like to buy in bulk like me then you may consider wholesale. One of my mommy friends sent me to Ali Express ( and I have found almost every brand my friends suggest on the website and some more. Some of them selling for as low as $1.20 a diaper! So if you already know what kind of cloth you love and you like to buy 5-20 at a time that may be the best bet for you. I have also found some good deals on Ebay and craigslist if you like to buy used or slightly used you could save a bunch of money on those sites and other sites like http://www.gigglelife.com,and I found them to have some super deals and some not so much but that is the fun of the hunt! 

I also found out about cloth diaper banks that help families in need. How amazing is that?? Now it is not produced by the state they are actually shops, stores and vendors in you’re area that care about mom’s and babies in need and donate diapers to families. here is a link and there is a ton of info on Diaper Banks if you are in NEED.

So on my quest to find the perfect cloth diaper (there isn’t one by the way. Every mom will say they have the best) I also found out that you need quite a few other things to get going in the cloth diaper world. The basics I have found are. 

1: The Diapers

2: Detergent

3: Wet bag’s

4: Diaper Pail

5: Wipes 

6: Diaper Spray

7: Liners (for tossing poo into the toilet and protecting the life of the cloth insert) 

8: Spray nozzle

and of course diaper rash ointment or powder whatever you choose. So now that I am slightly back to blogging I can assure you that I will be back to update you on my conquest to become a money saving cloth diapering mama. I am seriously overwhelmed but I have never given up on anything before why give up on saving money, helping our environment and learning a ton in the process?

This is our last baby so I don’t see why not.  The only thing that scares me is the laundry and getting crap all over me or my hands oh! and don’t forget the leaking!!  Hopefully those aren’t going to be serious issues for me in the future but I will share if they are and I do laundry every friggin day as it is so whats an extra load? I mean really. Feel free to give me any cloth diaper info you have as well in the comments so everyone can learn a little something!! Thanks for sticking with me everyone it feels good to be back.


(These are just my opinions please do not take them literally I am by no means a professional in anything but loving my family) 

8 Can Taco Soup


OK so I made this recipe last night, I found it on Pinterest of course. On a little blog called High Heels and Grills The lady that shared the recipe said her sister handed it down to her. Well thank you sister!! I love the Taco soup I usually make and it is also a super easy recipe but it is not all cans and this is. So that in itself is pretty cool. I used all Organic products instead of the regular but I bet that made it taste better (: wink wink. So if you are like me a prefer Organic you may need to look around a bit but they are out there. I do most of my shopping at the commissary on base since my husband is in the Air Force and they tend to hide the organic products so searching is key. This Taco Soup is super chunky and filling. I let it cook for about an hour to really blend all of the flavors together but its ready as soon as its warm. I hope you enjoy this as much as my family did. We will surly be keeping this recipe around for years to come.

8 Can Taco Soup Ingredients

1 (15 oz.) can black beans, drained and rinsed
1 (15 oz.) can pinto beans, drained and rinsed
1 (14.5 oz.) can petite diced tomatoes, drained
1 (15.25 oz.) can sweet corn, drained
1 (12.5 oz.) can white chicken breast, drained
1 (10.75 oz.) can cream of chicken soup
1 (10 oz.) can green enchilada sauce
1 (14 oz.) can chicken broth
1 packet taco seasoning

Mix all ingredients together in a large pot.
Heat until warm, stirring occasionally.
Serve with tortilla chips, sour cream and cheese maybe even a lime.

Addicted To Pinterest

I’m so addicted to Pinterest, as most woman are. Have you seen how all of these woman are making freezer meals and then sticking them in the crock pot while they work or do the daily errands or maybe just don’t want to cook at night, like me (: Anyways so I have been looking into this new fad because I so want to save time and money, BUT the truth is it so does not seem like I am or would be saving money. You have to buy in bulk and also still buy breakfast, lunch and if you have little ones tons and tons and oh! did I say freaking TONS of snacks. I guess What I am asking is how do you ladies buy bulk crock pot stuff and save money. I DO NOT have time to coupon. So spill it already ladies and I want websites!! Here are a couple of the ones I have been reading on how to crock pot it up. Some are yummy and some are ugh kinda ok they just need some pizzazz. 


Self: Prep Once, Eat healthy all week.

Loving My Nest: Freezer crock Pot Cooking Day.

Skinny Taste: How to make your favorite meals freezer ready.

Eight By Five: 30+ Hearty Crock Pot Fall Crock Pot meals

The test kitchen of Melissa Fallis: Freezer cooking-slow cooker meals. 


It’s A New Year!


It’s a new year. Does it feel like a “new you” ?? Not so much over here lol but I am trying to take things a little slower and a little easier. That is kind of my new year resolution. I used to do the usual, loose weight and eat healthy resolutions but I have found that after 24 hours I always quit. I tried to quit smoking for about 7 years in a row on New years and never did, I only quit when I really wanted to and that was because I wanted to get pregnant and would not smoke while trying or while pregnant. well my daughters almost three and there you go, I’m smoke free so yeah, needless to say resolutions don’t work for me.

I hope everyone had a great holiday though and a wonderful new year, I truly did. I have never felt so blessed to have my child with me as I did this year with all of the tragedy that surrounded us in Sandy Hook, and in Oregon it was pretty devastating. Life does go on, but when you think of what those innocent souls families were going threw on the holidays it seriously makes you appreciate the children you are blessed to have in your life that day, every day. Moving on is the hardest thing to do on those darkest days. Ugh! I cant even stand to think about it subject change!!!

Well we went and spent the holiday season with my husbands mother in Kentucky. She had time off and since we are moving to California in 2 months we wanted to be sure to spend this holiday season with her and our KY family as it may be our last for a few years, unless they come to spend it with us. It was wonderful we decorated the tree and the house. I always go there and take over, she doesn’t mind though lol she wouldn’t even do any decorating if it weren’t for me. She will now though because she is dating a man that literally dresses up as Santa for his grandchildren on Christmas!! It is like the Grinch living with Santa HAHAHAHAHAHAHA to funny but I love it. Of course we had gifts for our daughter climbing the walls and I sneaked in that gift my husband wasn’t expecting. Everyone got what they wanted but most of all we had each other and that was all that mattered. I’m going to miss my Kentucky family next year for Christmas.

If you were paying attention, I mentioned before we are moving to California in 6 weeks! Yes, it’s true! We are moving out of St.Louis (Scott AFB) to Travis AFB so being as all of my family is in Oregon and Washington I will get to spend the holidays with them for the first time in 6 years. i am so thrilled, but I wish I could just blend both of our families together. I seriously need to win the next half a billion lottery and build a compound. My families can drive me crazy but I couldn’t love anyone more.

Short but sweet entry but it’s like midnight and I am beyond exhausted! I’m looking forward to sharing more stories with you this year and I am sure I will be on here talking a bunch about our move. We are so excited!! Thanks for being loyal to me and still liking my page even though I haven’t been around, but a busy life is a great life. if you are busy in a good way 🙂

I’m Coming Back

OK so yeah I have so been slacking on my blog, OMG Ihad a personal tragedy and I have had a busy year OK LOL BUT I fully plan on coming back full force in January!! I will be taking over the blog posts again and sharing my opinion’s whether you like them or not!! Looking forward to sharing my life and love of my own personal Epiphany’s in January!! 526752_10151133958361268_1134096277_nFrom my family to Yours Happy Holidays!!

I want to watch movies!


Dont you hate it when you see this picture above? When it pertains to movies, music or just about anything you are sick of spending a fortune on! I know I do, I just want to spend as little as possible or get some for free without going to jail. So I found some places like Netflix, Hulu and fullmovies. to be a good choice. Leave comments and tell me where you guys go please!! I have a two year old and need some movies, stat!



So I have been on the path of Veganism for a little over a month now and I must tell you I have never felt better! I have lost 16 lbs, I have energy, I don’t feel hungry all the time because I am getting all of the nutrition I need. Unlike before when I was eating pretty much cardboard and killing myself. I was always hungry because I wasn’t feeding my body or my mind.

I cant believe what a change a month has done for me and I am looking forward to the results of a fulls years worth of being Vegan. Who knows if I will ever go back now, ask me in a year lol. I am amazed however at how people react when you tell them, no thank you I cant eat “that” they then ask you,

“well then what can you eat if you cant eat meat, eggs, or dairy that cuts out my whole diet.”

Well my friend that could be you’re obesity issue first of all, but secondly it got me thinking about how people are truly ignorant to the products corporations put into the foods they put in they’re bodies.  So then I stared posting to my Facebook information and nobody cared but the people that I already know eat well and take care of they’re bodies.  So I thought HEY bright idea I will start posting pictures of what I eat so they will see Vegan’s can eat yummy foods too. So I would sit on Pinterest for hours looking threw Vegan boards and making yummy food and posting pictures of it, but the response I got wasn’t what I thought it would be.

It was “is that meat? I thought Vegans couldn’t eat meat!” and “what is that, cheese, you cant have cheese Tiphany.” or “since when are you Vegan?”

These snide remarks not only make me feel like these people (my friends) actually think I am a friggin idiot, like I hadn’t researched anything and just went blindly on eating the same things I always have and calling myself a Vegan. Witch reminded me of two things 1) People I call my “friends” on Facebook really don’t know me at all and 2) Obviously they haven’t researched a damn thing.  Or they would know that the world of Vegan foods go’s well beyond Tofu, beans and salads. There is over 5o0 different kinds of Vegan cheeses out there and Vegan ‘meats”  are in the thousands! That are all plant based or Soy based or even beans and nut alternatives!!

The world of Vegan food is WAY more than you could ever expect going into it blindly. So once again I am going to designate some of my time into showing people that there is more than meets the eye in the world of yummy Vegan food. Witch brings me to the one thing people ask me the most about.


Ever wonder how when looking threw Vegan reciepes or at your friends Vegan plate how it looks to cheesy and gooey and oh! my yummo goodness? Here is a list of some of the most delicious and desirable “cheese’s” on the market for Vegans today. Brought to you by: Eco Vegan Gal not only does she have this list but she has all the information you need for just about anything!! Here is the link to the Ultimate Guide to Vegan Cheese Alternatives. I have tried a bunch of them and I assure you when she says Vegan’s and non-Vegans love them she isn’t telling a lie. So open your mind and start replacing things in your diet one thing at a time and you will be astonished at the results. For a closer, quit questioning me. I know what I am talking about. Thanks 🙂